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Young swimmer and charming

2022-06-26 00:35Men's swimming Department
Summary: How to evaluate young swimmer Wang jianjiahe who didn't know he had reached the finish line and swam one more lap. The foreign players chased him in circlesThe swimming pool is really a magical pla
How to evaluate young swimmer Wang jianjiahe who didn't know he had reached the finish line and swam one more lap. The foreign players chased him in circles
The swimming pool is really a magical place. There are tall and handsome Ning zetao and sunyang, as well as charming Liuxiang and jiaoliuyang. Of course, there are many fuyuanhui who recently joined the short Swimming World Championships held in Hangzhou. A little confused - swimming teenager Wang jianjiahe. Next, let's look at what happened. That's itChinese swimmer Yu Yiting has set a new world record! Is she proud of our country
They not only broke through themselves, but also won glory for their team. Yu Yiting broke the world record. Once the news was released, many netizens felt that this young player was the pride of China's swimming industry. She can make such achievements at a young age, which makes many people feel greatZhang Yufei voluntarily gave up the 50m freestyle quota in order to escort her teammates to the finals
Wuqingfeng, who competed in the 2003 preliminary competition, is only 18 years old this year. Her main strength is the women's 50 meter freestyle and 100 meter freestyle. Therefore, for this 18-year-old swimmer, the opportunity for the women's 50 Young swimmer  and charmingmeter freestyle final of the Olympic Games is very precious. After the training of the competition, I believe wuqingfeng can be as excellent as her elder martial Sister Zhang YufeiAre there any successors in China's swimming industry
At the 2018 Hangzhou swimming world championships, there was an impressive young swimmer who came into our eyes with exYoung swimmer  and charmingcellent results. This impressive swimmer is 19-yYoung swimmer  and charmingear-old Tan Haiyang. He broke his own record and refreshed his record, becoming the object of attentionWhat is a young swimmer like in the swimming pool
He is flexible to stretch his body. He swims in the swimming pool like a flexible fish playing in the water. The above is the content. If it is good, please praise itSwimming World Championships: panzhanle won the fourth place in the men's 100 meter freestyle. What breakthroughs did he make_ Baidu
Pan zhanle has broken through his own past, and his performance this time is very excellent. He surpassed himself. Panzhanle also broke through Ning zetao, who was once a champion. Pan zhanle's achievements were even faster than those of Ning zetao
3 minutes 43 seconds 36! The men's 400m freestyle was a surprise! Would it be China if Sun Yang hadn't been banned_ Baidu
Infinite possibility, hafnavi may create another miracle! The 18-year-old swimmer from Tunisia won the men's 100 freestyle at the Tokyo Olympic Games with his excellent physical strength and swimming talent. AccordingYoung swimmer  and charming to his performance on the scene, his technical treatment is actually very mediocre, even under such conditionsChinese young swimmer Yu Yiting has set a new world record. What is her future development prospect
Yu Yiting, a young Chinese swimmer, achieved good results in the recent World Championships and set a new world record. Before her, a Japanese player named chijianglihuazi set the world record in 2017. Now she broke the women's 200m mixed world record and broke the world record with 2 minutes 09 seconds 88Chinese swimmer Yu Yiting has set a new world record. What honors has she won
Every 360 lines of sports produces a top player. The same is true of sports. In every sports field in China, there are such a group of people who silently make efforts to surpass ordinary people. Their goals are not limited to our country, but are determined to bring our Chinese sports strength abroad. Chinese swimmer Yu Yiting has set a new world record. She onceWang jianjiahe failed to make the final due to his physical test ranking of 11. Is this evaluation reasonable
Young swimmer Wang jianjiahe failed to reach the top eight because he ranked 11th on one side, so he missed the finals. This should start with the relevant regulations issued by the General Administration of sports. Before that, the General Administration of sports has brought a relevant regulation, which does not mean that athletes must meet the standard of life in the subject test. Four participated in the national finals. If
Young swimmer and charming

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